So Adam Lind is just the absolute worst, right?

Like, we dare you to come up with a single redeeming quality he has.

And just think, as awful as we know him to be, we’ve only seen a very, very small part of his life on Teen Mom 2.

Imagine how bad it must be to actually know him in real life.

OK, and then on top of that, imagine actually sharing a child with him.

Poor, poor Chelsea Houska …

Chelsea made some poor decisions when she was young and dumb, and while we’re sure she doesn’t regret having Aubree even a little bit, she’s tied to Adam for the rest of her whole entire life.

Adam, who does meth, has multiple arrests for things like domestic violence and DUIs, was once accused of murdering puppies, and who refuses to pay child support for his two daughters.

It’s got to hurt. It just has to.

Adam hasn’t appeared on the past couple of seasons of Teen Mom 2, and in recent years, Chelsea’s been a little more private on the show, but we’ve still heard a bit about him lately.

Last week, we saw them go to court to make it so that Adam could only see Aubree at a visitation center, and also so that Aubree could have “DeBoer” added to her last name.

MTV cameras weren’t allowed in the courtroom, but we did see Chelsea cry from relief after everything was said and done, and we definitely can’t blame her.

Now, in a sneak peek from this week’s episode, we’re seeing that there was actually another matter she and Adam discussed at court that day: child support.

And if you didn’t despise Adam already, well, prepare yourself.

In the beginning, Chelsea explains in a voiceover that she’s in mediation with him because he’s trying to lower his child support, which is weird, because he doesn’t pay it anyway.

She leaves the courthouse with her friend, and on the ride home, she tells her all about what happened.

“OK, he has no bank account because that got closed,” she begins. “He has no vehicle, people are driving him around. He has his house and he paid in full, but when asked how he pays his bills, he says he doesn’t.”

“He has no job,” she added, and “he doesn’t want to apply for a job because as of today, he’s going to start his own business.”

And when asked what kind of business he wanted to start, she said that he admitted he “hasn’t gotten that far yet.”

So … that’s where Adam is right now.

No job, no car, no bank account, though he does own a house he was able to pay for with Teen Mom money.

If he doesn’t pay his bills, does that mean he sits in his house with no electricity or running water, are things that bad?

Because it kind of sounds like things are that bad.

Chelsea says that Adam confessed he hadn’t applied for a single job for months, and when asked about that, he “went on this rant, ‘I can’t get a job because the publicity against me from MTV is, like, negative.'”

Yeah, that’s why he can’t get a job, because MTV portrayed him as a scumbag. Not because he actually is one.

“You’re not getting a job because you did that to yourself,” Chelsea says. “You’re a huge dick, so they probably don’t want to work with you. Because you’re a huge, irresponsible dick.”

Don’t hold back, girl!

She’s obviously justified in being so frustrated by Adam, and she’s also obviously not wrong about him.

He’s proved time and time again that he definitely is a huge, irresponsible dick, and he deserves to get called out for that on TV.

Will it do anything to change his ways?

Probably not.

But we bet it felt good for Chelsea to let loose with that real talk.