Say what you will about Kailyn Lowry, the Teen Mom 2 star is nothing if not straightforward.

Kail certainly has her share of critics, but no one has accused of her being dishonest to her fans — until now, that is.

If you follow her on Instagram, you know that Kail is currently on an epic tour of Europe.

She posted the above photo of herself on a cruise ship over the weekend, and we think it’s safe to say she’s living her best life.

“A smile is the best make up any girl could wear,” Kail captioned the photo.

It’s not easy to be negative about a young, hardworking single mom treating herself to a vacation and posting the pics on social media.

But because we’re living in the darkest timeline, IG users found occasion to talk a whole lot of trash.

The most common criticism had to do with Kail’s appearance, but this wasn’t the usual generic body-shaming from repugnant trolls.

No, these haters came equipped with a very specific complaint — they believe Kail photoshopped her pics, but is passing them off as un-retouched.

Kail was having none of that, and she promptly delivered a stern warning:

“If y’all don’t get off my ass on IG y’all can catch the block button,” Lowry wrote.

“I didn’t photoshop my photos. But if i wanted to I f–kng will.”

Fortunately, as always, Kail’s critics were vastly outnumbered by her supporters:

“I can’t believe all the negative girl bashing on here! Girls are supposed lift one another up, not break each other down! It’s so sad,” wrote one follower.

“I don’t understand why anyone thinks this is photoshopped,” another commented.

“Kail idk why you even waste your time and energy responding to hater. Who cares brush that off.”

She added:

You’re famous and it’s the Internet. There will always be a bad comment at some point. No point replying to badness or illogical nonsense.”

A third counter-balanced the insults by offering up some effusive praise:

“You are a gem, I love your confidence, and I think you look great! Looove that swimsuit and I love your curves,” she wrote.

Fortunately, it seems Kail isn’t particularly bothered by the criticism.

She’s been called the most hated Teen Mom, but even if that’s true (it probably isn’t), she has something that Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham do not — loyal fans.

We’re sure it stings to have strangers hurl such personal insults at your every social media post.

But maybe those feelings are likely overwhelmed by the pride and connection when Kail feels when an army of supporters comes to her defense.

Or maybe we’re just putting a positive spin on a crappy situation in order to make social media feel somewhat tolerable.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more of Kail’s courage in the face of constant criticism.